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Tassanoxie Short Stories

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A relationship gone wrong shattered Amanda’s self-confidence and makes her leery of relationships. Until a firefighter moves into her apartment complex.

She’s attracted to Joe, but he already has a girlfriend which means hands off as far as Amanda is concerned.

That doesn’t mean she can’t check him out, but every time she’s around him, something goes awry. It’s just as well he has a girlfriend because he must think she’s the world biggest klutz.
Serena and Ted share a common history because both have been dumped by their respective spouses. It’s time for new beginnings, but neither one thinks a second chance at love is in the cards. Battered by divorce, their self-confidence concerning the opposite sex is at all time low.

Fortunately, Ted’s dog Mollie likes Serena, who visits the dog park even though she doesn’t have a pet. When Mollie brings these two wounded souls together, will they accept the possibility of love?
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