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Butterfly Bride
A Regency Novel

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Abandoned at the alter seven years earlier, Hope petitions the Church for an annulment. She is willing to risk ostracism from society to win her freedom from the marriage, because her husband been gone for seven years and he loves her sister.

Butterfly Bride centers around a well-meaning father who obtains a titled husband for his daughter. He convinces his daughter to marry the young man and ships his new son-in-law off to Canada.

Kit returns to England to discover his child bride has blossomed into a lovely woman.

She has also filed a petition for an annulment of their marriage.
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5 Star Crowned Review

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Hope Templeton is shocked when her father declares she is getting married to a Marquis. Her intended is named Kit, and he is just as shocked when he sees his new bride for the first time. She is quite plain, stammers and has a rash all over her face. Thankfully, the agreement he made with Hope’s father requires him to leave for Canada right after the wedding. Several years later, Kit returns home to find that his plain wife has blossomed into a beautiful and clever woman, who has also petitioned for an annulment. In order to keep her dowry, he must convince her to remarry him. However, Hope will not be easily persuaded. He must woo her. It doesn’t take Kit long to realize how amazing she is and he will stop at nothing to keep his wife.

This book is beyond heartwarming! One of the best parts about this beautiful regency is the character development. Kit is despicable in the beginning. He does not see the treasure that is right in front of his eyes. However, Hope’s changes cause his heart to change. He then takes the time to learn about his wife, respect her and eventually fall for her. Hope has some remarkable changes as well, changes that inspire those around her. Not only does she learn to present herself as a Marchioness, she learns how to run and restore an entire estate while starting her own series of children’s books. This story just shows that love does not come easily, it takes work and respect. There is absolutely no putting this book down! It can only be read in one sitting.

Amanda Hupe