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Regency Novels

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Victorian Era Novels

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Have you been to Tassanoxie, Alabama yet?
Small town…Second chances

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The Tassanoxie stories are connected stories. Each one is a stand alone story with the common location of Tassanoxie, Alabama. Two novels, a novella, and two short stories.
Recurring characters people the town and stories. One is Miss Mabel, retired newspaper reporter. She even has her own blog at Miss Mabel Talks Tassanoxie.
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Nonfiction Books

What do your characters do while they talk? How to use setting, props, and body language to enhance dialogue.
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News got you down? Life giving you a hard time? Time for a laugh.Try out my humorous essays.
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The power of dialogue. Yes, I had more to say about how to write dialogue!
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