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She Sat He Stood
What Do Your Characters Do While They Talk?

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Geared for the new and intermediate writer, this ebook on writing dialogue focuses on how to incorporate body language, props, and setting into scenes to give your dialogue more depth.

Based on a workshop presented at regional, national, and online writing conferences, Ms. Hanson draws on examples from books, movies, and plays to demonstrate ways to keep your characters from sitting, standing, or looking out a window as they talk.
"This is one of those short little 'solve the problem' writing skills book that delivers exactly what it promises." Anna Erishkigal, Amazon Top Reviewer

If you’ve read this e-book, then you’re probably looking for the handouts.
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Setting Chart
Adele’s Office
Body Language Clues
Body Positions
Speech Patterns

I’d like to thank Anna Erishkigal for giving me permission to use a quote from her review of She Sat He Stood. Anna is an award-winning author who writes science fiction, epic fantasy, women’s fiction and thrillers. She also professionally edits fiction.

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