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Stealing Destiny
A Darring's Angels Novel

After the war Billie is determined to steal her horse from the Union officer who commandeered Destiny during the war. When Grayson catches her, Billie’s glad she wore the ragamuffin disguise she used during the war.

Grayson admires the slender youth who traveled far to reclaim Destiny. He should have the rapscallion jailed, but something about the boy intrigues him. Billie gets a second chance to steal Destiny, but Grayson follows her only to discover his horse thief is a young woman. He’s stunned…and smitten. Now he wants Billie by his side, but a man from her past wants her, too.

Cross-country chases, renegade former soldiers, horse stealing, and a wicked villain add up to a romantic love-on-the-run. But then, true love never did come easy.