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For Readers
Over the years I've written various short stories and I thought you might enjoy reading some of them. I'll be releasing them periodically during 2023. Be sure and check back every so often!

Behind the Scenes
A look at what goes on in my writing world

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I've converted Miss Mabel's blog at Blogger into a different format. Hope you enjoy it!

Beware the Iris stalk!

So, I was trimming out dead iris stalks when one of them attacked me. It went up into my arm and sent me to urgent care.

Did the doc cut open my arm? Nope. She gave me an antibiotic and sent me home to soak the entry point with warm compresses 3x a day.

These pieces of iris stalk eventually worked their way out of my arm!

Added April 2023

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July 16 2022

This person tried to get the balloon up but it kept sinking. It didn't appear to be a good day to fly! Seeing hot air balloons is nice bonus of living up "north"!!

That's north Alabama…
February 2022

2021 ended up being a busy yet sad year. The busy part? My husband and I moved from south Alabama to north Alabama. From a small town to a metropolitan area. From no interstate highways to two several interstate highways. From warm to COLD.

The sad part? We arrived with three dogs and only have one now.
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Millie was abandoned 4 February 2020 and joined our family that morning. (Her 10 week old puppy was with her.) A pretty golden dog maybe 4 years old with the cutest underbite, she had not been well cared for. With medical attention and a good diet, she soon looked great.

Unfortunately, in November 2021 we discovered she had a heart problem, a tumor that caused congestive heart failure.

In memoriam: Adopted February 4, 2020 - December 29, 2021
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Sadie was found by a nice family who were unable to keep her. She joined our family in 2010. According to our vet, she was a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Hound and Treeing Walker Hound mix. She had one brown and one blue eye and could actually climb trees although I only saw her do it once.

2021 not kind to Sadie either. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Two days after we lost Millie we were in the vet ER with Sadie who had pancreatitis. The next few weeks were up and down with her as she lost weight, suffered a stroke or seizure, and in general did not fare well. An x-ray also showed serious spinal issues.

In memoriam: Adopted October 1, 2011 - February 2, 2022
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February 4, 2020
This is Daisy the day she was abandoned with Millie. Both their coats were dull and rough.
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June 12, 2021

This is Daisy all grown up!

Fall 2018- 2019

In addition to designing bookmarks, I've been hard at work updating my website.
Romance Writers Report will be publishing my article on mobile friendly websites so it seemed a good idea to get my ducks in a row!

This is the bookmark for my two writing skills books. Again, a lovely job! The Tassanoxie (below) and these just arrived. Absolutely can't believe how well they turned out.

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Here's my newest bookmark for my Tassanoxie books. Most of them are in digital format, but two are also available in print. Su and I came up with this idea of how to showcase their differences by grouping them on different sides of the bookmark.

Since I publish ebooks, I really like framing the books so readers can tell they are ebook only. These are on order for a book signing in December (2019). Should be here soon!
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October 2019

I've been working with Su at Earthly Charms to update my bookmarks. Didn't she do a lovely job with my Victorian era historicals?
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We did this one when Butterfly Bride was published in January 2019. As you can see, both my Regencies will be listed. I love the idea of showcasing them as ebooks since most of my books are currently in that format.
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Way back when I started the Tassanoxie stories, I thought it would be nice to have a logo to put on the books.

Although I never could figure out where to use it, here's what Su of Earthly Charms created for me.

It's already July, 2018. I lost most of June trying to untangle a computer knot that meant I couldn't upload website updates to my host server. What a headache!

I enjoy quotations from writers and posted this one on my Facebook page not long ago. I thought I'd share it again.
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This origami swan is a folded manuscript page taken from my next release, Butterfly Bride, Regency historical romance. Nicoloe Ayers
(AyersEdits) who edited my manuscript made it for me.

Isn't it darling?
This is our snowfall from last week (January 17, 2018). As you can see, we didn't get much. Sierra, our Beagle girl is checking it out. My husband says all we really got was a good coating of sleet. Which meant a lot of ice on the roads and a lot of car accidents as folks skidded into each other. Southeast Alabama isn't exactly known for snow or sleet. (In memory of Sierra. December 2009- April 2018. Rescued at about age 4)
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The idea for new covers started with Stealing Destiny's former ebook cover. I couldn't figure out a way to give Ransom's Bride a similar look. The books have some common characters and I wanted readers to know they were related stories.

As you can see, I think we've achieved that goal.