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For Writers

Toying with the idea of writing a story? Story Steps might give you some ideas.

Click on the cover to link to the PDF. Enjoy!

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Downloads for
Dialogue: The Fastest Way to Improve Your Story

Dialogue Presentation Handout
Dialogue Checklist and Dialogue Tags

Information for Writers

Here you will find

PDF handouts for my writing skills books
Promotion Before Publication PDF
Items mentioned in my blog
Just Ginger
I hope you found these items helpful in your writer's journey.

This is a brochure I used to hand out at book signings and writing presentations. If you click on the brochure image, it will take you to the two page brochure PDF.


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As you can tell from the dates on some of my work, I've been writing for a LONG time. I also began indie publishing in 2014. Through the years, there isn't a spreadsheet I haven't created. Here is the link to the Metadata Template that I mention in my blog Just Ginger. (Check out my blog, it’s crammed with stuff I've learned about writing!)
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Promotion Before Publication is another short, free PDF download.

Designed for aspiring writers, it offers advice on why an aspiring writer needs to promote him or herself prior to publication.